What are the specificities of a Société par actions simplifiée (SAS)?

For the youngest or the oldest, starting a business would still be a very good investment idea. In business, investing has no time limit. In order to create a company, it is necessary to make the right choice in the form of the future company. In France, and in several countries around the world, the SAS form, Société par Actions Simplifiée, is the most commonly used. What is the specificity of an SAS?

The particularities of a Société par Actions Simplifiée

In a simplified joint stock company, it is mandatory to have at least two shareholders. The degree of responsibility of each shareholder is measured according to his contribution. The latter can be in kind, in cash or in industry. The specific features of SASs lie in their share capital, which varies according to the contributions made. For SASs, there is no minimum amount required. From another point of view, the name of the company can be chosen freely by the founders. There are no requirements in this area. Another important feature of an SAS is the “partners’ agreement”. This is a contract between the partners which aims to organise the rules in terms of the movement of shares and the smooth running of the company. This contract remains confidential until it is filed with the court registry.

A Société par Actions Simplifiée: multiple advantages

Creating a company with the legal form of a SAS has many advantages for the founders. Firstly, there is no distinction in the types of shareholders within an SAS. Indeed, shareholders can be natural persons or legal entities. Secondly, the partners have the right to develop the company as they wish, without restrictions. This is a specific feature of an SAS. This form of company also provides the partners with security in the event of the company’s bankruptcy. In other words, the personal assets of the shareholders are protected from the threat of liquidation if the company runs into difficulties. These are the specific features of an SAS.

A Société par Actions Simplifiée: a good idea for the choice of legal form

To better invest in the future, the choice of the SAS legal form is particularly advantageous. The procedures are relatively simple. You only need to follow a few steps such as drafting the articles of association, setting up the registered office, registration, etc. The security offered by the SAS is also comforting. You no longer have to worry that a possible stock market crash will damage your personal assets and interests. Nevertheless, it is important to seek specialist advice when setting up an SAS.

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