What does it cost to start a business?

In a business start-up project, it is necessary to identify all the financial costs that are chargeable to the promoter. For this purpose, it is essential to draw up a coherent forecast to indicate the distribution of the costs of the actual creation.

Drawing up a summary table of the costs of setting up a business

In any case, the cost of setting up a business varies according to the type of company and the nature of its activity desired by the project owner. It follows that the legal form of the company rightly plays a role in determining the administrative costs involved. Among other things, the establishment of a limited liability company (SARL) involves two distinct categories of set-up costs: those relating to a commercial activity and those relating to the exercise of a craft activity. In addition, there are other variable costs to be expected. These are, to a large extent, the start-up costs of the business.

Formalising the administrative procedures involves financial costs

When formalising the administrative documents required to open a business, the payment of all related costs is an absolute must. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the court registry fees, the lawyer's or accountant's fees for setting up the company, and possibly the expenses for communication or publication of legal notices. Among other things, it is only after the registration files have been filed with the court clerk's office that the company is practically authorised to operate. In the case of a sole proprietorship, registration is carried out with the R├ępertoire des m├ętiers (RM).

Securing the business is necessary

In any case, the protection of the company's brand must be a priority for the company's management. Indeed, the slightest negligence in this respect can be beneficial to other competitors in the sector. In practice, the brand allows customers to distinguish the products and services offered to them. The creation of a brand that is close to the original can influence consumers during their purchase. This highlights the importance of protecting a company's trademark. Such protection action results in the registration of the industrial or commercial property with the competent authority against payment of a trademark registration fee. Of course, there are steps to be taken during the registration process.
How to start a business?
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