What steps should be taken to set up a business?

In general, a company needs a business plan and legal status to start its operation. It is defined by its name and location and has capital at the time of its existence. A company needs a business plan to find financial support and its legal status to start its business. Whatever type of business one wants to set up, there is a step to follow and a formality to provide in order to create a company. What are the essential steps for this start-up?

The initial stage

To begin the administrative steps for the creation of a company, it is preferable to address the centres dedicated legally and competent for this function. A number of forms need to be filled in, such as a copy of the identity card, a declaration of non-conviction form and a civil status form. All these steps are an access to declare your practice and to apply for the registration of your company. It is a possibility to obtain a unique identification number and an activity code as soon as it is acquired. It should also be noted that you can set up a company yourself by following all the necessary formalities.

The status of the company

This is a crucial phase in the process of setting up a company. The statute allows the company to declare the company name, the registered office and the auditors that are necessary for some in accordance with its legal aspect. The drafting of the company statute is free unless expert assistance is provided. In some cases, registration of the statute with the tax authorities is necessary, such as the transfer of shares or real estate.

Sharing and publication

Often the manager is appointed directly by the company statute. When the company is founded, the partners in action contribute assets or securities to the company. Then the auditor examines the rights of the contributions in kind of each shareholder and estimates the shares of each partner. Liquid contributions should be placed entirely in a blocked account. A publication in a legal gazette is an obligatory step in the process of creating a company. This often includes essential information about the company such as its capital, name and registered office, legal status and registration. The cost of publication varies according to location. Specifically, legal announcements can be made online.
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